Project Scandinavia

About Us


We’re Christine & Allie and we’re trying to raise money to go to Scandinavia.

We are two girls, ages 20 and 21. Our names are Alessandra and Christine. We’ve been close friends for about 4 years and we’ve recently piqued an interest in touring the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Unfortunately, we lack the funds.
The purpose of this blog is to update you on our learning progress in planning the trip, provide more information on the countries we hope to visit and to raise money for our trip.

When we achieve our goal, we will make updates to the blog to show the trip to the world. 🙂

Please help us get there by donating via PayPal.

-Christine & Allie



  • rubycalaber 9:19 am on April 7, 2009 | # | Reply

    you two are a cute couple ^_^

  • m0nde 9:26 am on April 7, 2009 | # | Reply

    wow, i hope you two get to meet sigge in finland!

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